Friday, June 27, 2008

Outdoor Wonders

A great way to keep Jorel entertained is to take him outside. He loves everything about it - the grass, the trees, the flowers, the cars driving by, the wind, and especially the animals. He really seems to soak it all in when he's outside. He recognizes that when the wind blows the branches move and if he moves the blanket out of the way he'll be able to grab at the grass - one of the only things he hasn't tried to stick in his mouth... yet. He's very content with just looking around and I'm very content watching him learn all of the different sites. When the cats are around or Ginger is out of her run, he pays more attention to them than anything. He think that they are the funniest things. As soon as he sees them he starts to laugh - they must be pretty funny looking. Today he was just extra cute when he just kept looking all around him and was so at ease just chilling with mom. I love these moods because he just lets me squeeze the heck out of him and even gives hugs and kisses back. He's been so observant the last couple of weeks and it's amazing to see his development and how fast he's learning.

He also broke through his other tooth and is much more willing to eat - not that he wasn't willing before. He must be growing because this morning he ate a ton! About 2 ounces of strawberry, peach, and apple puree along with about 4 ounces mashed banana and avocado mix. He then had an 8 ounce bottle of formula about an hour after that. Then for lunch he ate some lentil, onion, red pepper, and cheese puree which says is about 3 portions, but we only had probably a portion left - which he finished off for dinner along with 2 more 8 ounce bottles and water throughout the day. It truly is astonishing!

I've also been able to breath today - besides the awful allergies - because I finished up this last class, Operations and Process Management, and am getting a week off of school! Hooray! I also am getting a week off of coaching so it will be a much needed, much appreciated break for me. If anybody wants to do anything fun, let me know - I could really use a dose of delight!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well Baby

Today was Jorel's doctor visit for his 6 month check-up. I know, we're a couple of months behind but it's a little tough to get into his doctor and we love him! But Jorel has been pretty healthy so I haven't been concerned too much. Everything looks pretty good again. He weighs 18 pounds even and is 27 inches long - right where he needs to be, I guess. Poor kid then had to get the dreadful shots. He cried for a moment, then just pouted and gave the nurse some dirty looks. Just that look like - what did you just do to me? He was okay by the time we left and then passed out on the ride home. He then had to sit though volleyball practice again, but didn't complain too much. He's the best. Grandma watched him later while I went to softball practice, where i got some compliments on my new haircut that Dallas did- who is pretty much amazing and is so fun to talk to whenever I go in, which isn't very often. Jorel was of course flirting with her, until he got a little fussy - maybe he realized where he was and decided it wasn't very manly. Such a character! Anyway, it's my last week of this class and then I get a week off, whoo hoo! Then back at it the following week for 12 straight weeks, ugh, what was I thinking? I know it will pay off, right? I better get back to my 8 page paper that's due Friday - boo!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Little High, A Little Low

My good friend James came over yesterday and got Jorel and I out of the house by taking us to Red Cliffs and we hiked the little trail that goes through to the ponds, although there weren't any ponds cause it was all dried up. It was fantastic. As soon as I strapped Jorel to my chest he was all smiles. When we started off he started laughing and seemed to really enjoy the outdoors. James has taken me to Red Cliffs before to go rappelling for my first time. We've gone twice and I really enjoy it and am ready for a bigger cliff, I think.
On another note Jorel is going to be 8 months old tomorrow - the 23rd - and I can't believe it! It's true what they say - time doesn't slow down, it only speeds up. He is such a hoot - sometimes he just sits there, literally bounces on his little butt and squeals at the top of his lungs, mixed with some coughing and laughing, you just need to see it, he's so funny. Love him to death!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Injured Friend

Jorel's day started out a little rough yesterday when I walked over to his crib and found him with his bunny (from Aunt Lara) in one hand and the bunny's ear in the other. Really, I know it didn't phase him, but I was sad for his bunny - nothing that a grandma can't take care of! But I could have sworn that the bunny used to have a smile on his face. I'm using it as an excuse to why he was a little grumpy yesterday but it was probably just his little tooth trying to come through. I also let him try to feed himself some butternut squash towards the end of his dinner. He loves squishing it in his hands and created a huge mess, but it was fun for both of us. I've been making most of his food out of the First Meals book by Annabel Karmel and so far he's liked every thing I've made. Sometimes I think that he can eat more than I do, which is craziness - growing boy!

We ended the day with a bath in the sink and some time outside where he gets to watch Grandma clip roses, Grandpa water the lawn, and he loves to laugh at the cats and dog. Him and Ginger have grown quite fond of each other. Jorel just laughs at her play and Ginger loves to try and lick the slobber off his face. Gross I know - I just can't seem to get her to stop, she's way too hyper active but a good dog. So we played fetch and Jorel laughed and we all calmed down in the porch swing. It was good times.

Today we went to volleyball practice which happens Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and the poor kid sits so patient through it. We're there from 10 to at least 1 and he just sits and watches most of the time with occasional complaining of boredness, I'm sure. He also sat through all the softball practices and some games in the spring and loved flirting with all of the girls. I guess he's just kind of gotten used to it. Looking forward to another day!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Beginning

So here I am in the blog world... who would've known? Anyway, jumping right in: Jorel and I are really enjoying our time together since I was lucky enough to stay at home with the cutest kid ever - I may be a little biased! I'm currently working on my MBA in Finance through Capella University online and its going okay, can't say I'm the most motivated person and usually do my homework the night before its due - which can cause some stress and sleepless nights, but i haven't learned yet! I'm also coaching softball and volleyball at Hurricane High, the old stomping grounds, and enjoy it quite a bit. It sure brings back a lot of old memories. And to just keep me doing something - haha - I'm working for my bestest brother-in-law, Paul and my favorite sister ever, Jaana helping them find photographers for their company, Home View. But enough about me...

Jorel is 7 months 3 weeks and 2 days old today - Born October 23, 2007. He cut his first tooth on Friday the 13th with the next one pretty close to coming through. He doesn't stop moving - even when he's asleep - and has been rolling like a barrel. I definitely have my hands full for years to come! He is just a bundle of energy and does the cutest things. We can all sit around and just watch him all day and never get bored. He is one of the happiest babies I've ever know and he knows I'm so grateful for that!

We just recently got back from California visiting my Jaana, Paul and my bro Jake - who is out there helping them from Missouri - in Burbank. We were supposed to only stay for 4 days, but easily turned that into a week and a half. It was marvelous! Its always fun to visit my sister because she demands a good time and we totally appreciate it! We got some great pics and can't wait to go back!

Strolling at the LA Zoo
Getting smoked by the fountain at Americana
Huntington Beach for a bonfire

Six Flags Magic Mountain

It is just adorable how when I show Jorel pictures of his aunt and uncles, he gets the biggest grin on his face! Jaana took all the pictures - she's so amazing! We had too much fun and can't wait to do it again!