Saturday, November 28, 2009

goof monster

he is just getting more and more fun! love it!


i think i can handle jorel's sense of bravery because he seems to understand what "be careful" means. we like to go to the park and he loves the ginormous slides! sometimes it scares me a little bit so i stay close, but he loves to do it all by himself. he's getting to be such a little man!

his friend, my friend

my good friend and i took our kids to pirate island pizza a while ago, and they sure did seem to enjoy themselves. they knew how to play skee ball the right way!

my friend has been in the process of moving for the last couple of months so i went along to grub some 5guys and help them pick out blinds. i kept the kiddos entertained the best i could...

then came the actual moving day - finally! for them - and so i watched his friend while they got moved. he had a cast on his poor little broken leg and he sure is a trooper! we had cars and toy story on while they played their little hearts out and enjoyed a couple of little snacks. jorel and i sure have found some good friends :)

i said i would

post halloween pictures!!! i know, another month late - but i stole a costume idea from my sister's past halloween and jorel was frankenstein's monster - although it only lasted about 10 minutes... it only cost me maybe $2 so it was appropriate i suppose. we headed to the hills' house for some fun games and great food. thanks guys!
and now a happy thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

and then he was...


i know, this happened a month ago, but it needed to be said :) photo courtesy of Jaana <---- check it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

best friends wedding - always a bridesmaid #3

there is so much to update, so i figured that i'll just do a little bit at a time and eventually i'll get caught up again :) first was one of my all time best friends wedding. i left the kid home and headed to nashville to spend the weekend with the girls and spend lindsey's big day with her. i was the maid of honor (#2) and our other good friend - whose wedding i was in back in june - was the matron of honor. it was SO much fun to get to spend so much time with my girls and spend such a great weekend with them. lindsey was a B-E-A-UTIFUL bride! she wasn't a bridezilla either, as so many thought she was going to be. i had faith in her and she pulled through. she was just glowing on her wedding day and couldn't be happier for her and john. he's a good guy and i know he'll treat her good - even though i don't think my threatening him had any affect. the night i got there, we decided to go ahead and get dressed up a little bit and head out to legends to meet up with the future in-laws. the best man also came along and we met a couple of their friends out. we didn't stay out too late, since we knew what a big weekend it would be. plus we were all kind of tired anyway.

friday was mani-pedi day and last minute errands. the rest of the girls got there and we spent all day getting our selves prepped and then the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner sprang up on us. why do these days have to go by so fast? anyway, the rehearsal went fine and the dinner was grubbalishous. lindsey got her bridesmaids the cutest robes! we each had our own special color and they were just so fun getting ready in. gonna be using that some more...

saturday morning we got our hair done and it was funny because my hair dresser i found out was mormon and had a kid out of wedlock too! she was now married and had one on the way 2 years later. i have hope! haha, ps. our hair all turned out great.

then it was to the little bed and breakfast to snack on some lunch and get ready.

and of course, as soon as the photographers got there and we all started getting ready, my camera didn't even leave my bag. :( why? because i don't know.... i did, however, feel very pretty that day :) but the photographers got some great shots - if you wanted to see some just let me know. they're at but are password protected. they did great and were so nice. and thanks to mid south mobile dj's guy for getting a shot of me all dressed up that i can use on my blog :) haha. he was a really fun dj, too. he kept the celebration going!

the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was so much fun. i spent the night with my kristin and her mom in the embassy - so nice even though i just slept on the couch. their blankets were awesome!! we woke up and had breakfast with the crew and then kristin and her mom took me back to the airport after a teary eyed goodbye. i don't know the next time i'll be able to see them and so we had a nice emotional group hug. always hate leaving, but it was good to get back to my boy! it was a nice break with great people and time well spent. i did get a cool pic of the grand canyon too out of my plane window...

i love you lindsey and john!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


For those of you who are looking to get holiday photos, or just pics or weren't even looking - There is a terrific photographer who will be in southern utah to do just that at a VERY VERY good price!!!

Go here :
and make sure you let her or me know that you want some pics. I've already got some that are going to do it so make sure you act fast. It will be either the 3rd weekend in November or the 1st weekend in December... I'll update when I know for sure!!! You won't find a deal like this any where else for the quality of photographs that you'll get. Make the memories last! :)