Friday, June 15, 2012

kanarra falls

even mid-day, kanarra falls can photograph okay.  beautiful, eh?  this is where we went for work today, btw.  friday field trip school day help make the weeks go round! :)

keepin' it wright

a couple of good friends of mine asked me to take some pictures of their family for their mom's 70th birthday.  they say she never seems to be in the pictures and would really like to give her that for her birthday.  so they asked me and made me a nervous wreck!  i'm just so not confident when it comes to doing families and people... but this is what i got.  they say they aren't too picky, so let's hope that's true - they are used to my sissy's pics!   gah!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

king's creek

our annual camping trip near bryce canyon happened last the first week in june.  i would post more pictures, but i can't break confidentiality of our students.  i didn't really take as much time doing scenic pictures and stayed one night, but was up at the camp for 3 days.  it's a beautiful area to camp in and the camp site this year, king's creek camp ground, was pretty good.  we had camped at pine valley and i guess they wanted to try something different.  we were right next to tropic reservoir and it was a really pretty little lake. 

 look!  it's a face!

 an eagle and it's nest

 driving up to the camp site - those little dots are cows...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

harry potter

i finally read all of the harry potter books.  yep, all 7 right in a row.  i feel a little lost not having him around... i did enjoy reading them though, and can see how they were so popular.  if i started reading them when the first book was published in 1998, i would have been 14, only two years older than harry potter was.  hmm.  i'll give him the thumbs up.  i also watched each movie after i finished reading the book, except i'm going to watch deathly hallows part 2 this weekend.  yeah!