Tuesday, July 31, 2012

day by july day

quite the month - i'm going to be lazy and just post the picture of the list because it takes too long to go through all of it!  :) (thanks for that idea sissy!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

all about j-man

i haven't done a "just jorel" post in a while, so i thought i would.  he really is at an age where he is just too much fun.  his attitude comes out every once in a while, but overall he has been rather pleasant lately.  i feel like he doesn't argue as much and fight me to go to bed - well most of the time anyway.  he plays well with his toys and his friends.  and it is VERY true that kids say the darnedest things.  he cracks me up everyday and he is getting to be such a big kid.  all of that bitter sweet stuff that you love and hate.  he still just likes to be in his undies and play with his cars and trains.  he is getting smarter and smarter is even starting to read.  anyway.  he's just the greatest.  AND he'll be 5 SO SOON! EEK!!!!

also he started calling me "your majesty" and when he opens the door for me he says "step on out little lady" - cracks me up every time!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

mini cali getaway

i always love a trip to california, even if it's a quick one.  we left thursday (28th of june) night and got back sunday night (july 1st) but well worth it.  i actually didn't have to drive this time because my parents came.  thrusday night we got there and visited for a bit.  my parents got a hotel room for the weekend so they left and jorel and i stayed with my sister.  the next morning we went for a swim at the hotel and my sister and i got underwater pictures that are pretty dang hilar... got ready and went to lunch at panera bread.  yum.  i haven't eaten there since i left the east.  we hit up the dodger game that night for mormon night!  yes, awesome, i know.  they have had that tradition for 25+ years.  ate some dodger dogs and watched them lose to the mets, but oh well.  it was fun and now jorel is a dodger fan :).  we had pretty good seats out by right field, except that andre ethier wasn't playing... and we got to see fireworks, even though they were mostly behind the scoreboard, plus got to walk on the field!  that was pretty awesome.  i have never stepped foot on a major league field before.  i may be lame, but i sure though that was cool.  i told jorel i loved him the next morning and his response was "i love fireworks"... thanks kid.  the next day we headed to santa monica to see the pier and walked around a bit.  the nephew ate some sand, and jorel got to feel the ocean again and feel a sand crab - tickly little buggers.  we didn't stay too long on the shore so we didn't get swimsuits on - but come september we will have plenty of time for that!  i can't wait!  we had some pretzels on 3rd avenue and stopped by the converse store to get stevie some high tops.  adorable by the way.  we headed back and didn't get back until dinner time so headed right over to shakey's.  spent the night lounging around.  jorel was pretty good with stephen.  stevie was just enthralled with his cousin.  it was great to see him so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after his eye surgery.  sunday we got up and got ready to head out, but not before we filmed some video for my grandpa's 95th birthday that is coming up this month.  also, my sister and i roller skated for about 10 minutes outside her condo, but man it was hot that day.  we said our goodbyes and headed off down the road.  it was a great trip and we are always good at squeezing stuff in.  i also got to upgrade to my sister's canon 40D so the xsi is for sale, if you want it.  i'm glad we'll be seeing my sister and her hubby and the nephew this month for my step-brother's wedding, hopefully.  and then again the first week in september for the BIG vacation. 
 seriously, check out this kid's hair!!!