Monday, September 28, 2009

the weekend

this would have been a nice weekend to have an extra day of... anyone game for making monday a just-cause-we-want-another-break paid holiday? i even contemplated for a second to go to work in sweats in the a.m., but don't worry, stacey and clinton, i won't - unless you'll put me on your show and give me a 5,000 dollar shopping spree!!! :)
oh, and because i know you're all so interested in my hair adventures, i ended up dying it again. i decided to dye it because i'm going to be in that wedding soon and really can't keep up on the cost of maintanance to stay blonde - although i did like it. and even though i've been black before, this dark brown seemed pretty dark coming from being semi-blonde, but i like it. it should lighten up a bit though. Thanks for your "picky" help treen!
also, we took jorel for a dip in the hot tub and didn't have any swim diapers so he went in with his plastic one hahaha... it was so funny. what a goof
and one last thing... my dang camera's buttons are all sticking and i'm guessing it's because of the millions of pictures i've taken on it in the last couple years. i've taken pretty good care of it, but oh how i would love to get this one (thanks a lot sis... haha jk it's super cool!) (

Friday, September 25, 2009

girls just want to have fun...

to spare long words - plus i just can't remember anything anymore unless there's picture... i'm just going to mainly overload you with pictures and try to explain what's going on... you should also check out my sister's photo site (photographybyjaana[dot]blogspot[dot]com and check out all of her amazing pictures of stuff we did over labor day weekend - she is totally amazing! mostly these are from labor day weekend when we went to DISNEYLAND for way fun and the aquarium of the pacific.... and also of all the fun we always have at AUNT JAANA and UNCLE PAUL'S

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5. 6.
8. 9.
14. 15.
18. 19.
20. 21. 22.

1. getting super excited to go to jaana's
2. getting super excited to go to disneyland and see mickey and "tuto" and "miyi"
3. with aunt jaana on the tram from the parking lot - yeah!
4. me and my beautiful sis, can you tell we're related?
5. me an the birthday girl on big thunder mountain railroad
6. the birthday girl!
7. just a handsome boy sitting on aunt jaana's shoulders about to go into the finding nemo ride
8. wore him OUT p.s. he couldn't have been any better! what a trooper!
9. playing rock band with aunt jaana the next morning
10. playing elefun... or attempting to
11. pretty intense game of the big kids playing fish - it was actually pretty hard because these ones didn't have magnets haha!
12. majestic jelly fish @ the aquarium of the pacific in long beach
13. we got to touch all these - pretty cool
14. showing off his new hair cut - which was traumatizing i'm pretty sure... but it worked out good in the end
15. you want to color with me?
16. i thought he resembled my older brother, mika here a little bit
17. i made some chicken chow mien and it was actually pretty decent - jorel even gobbled it right up! this usually doesn't happen when i work so hard on a meal.
18. just landed from a jump
19. look at those hops!
20. he was coloring with markers @ day care and had given himself a heart tattoo... i decided it was for me :)
21. the spike look
22. he has been all about the silly faces!
23. just liked the colors in this one - the fall is approaching although it's still going to be 100 degrees tomorrow
24. my sister, deni's poor-tortured-by-a-now-5-year-old-boy cute kitten
25. celebrating bryson's fifth birthday and jorel stole his hat - but it's only less than a month until he'll be wearing that hat for real! crazy!

Don't forget to go to go to and vote ;) mucho ♥

Thursday, September 24, 2009

VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! {everyday!}

so.... an update of all the fun happenings will be coming soon - meanwhile, all of you should go to register (unless you already have a disney account, then just sign in) and vote for jorel!! and if any of you have cuties, you should enter them too - tell me about it cause i'll go vote for them too! then go back everyday until november 17 and vote again :) GO JOREL!! and all you other cuties out there!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

been busy and tired... but i'll update soon if any of you care :)