Sunday, October 31, 2010

california, here we come

and there we went... there is so much to catch up on!  i still have to go all the way back to the california trip - that feels like already too long ago, and another one is coming up really soon for my sister's baby shower!  can't wait!  anyway... i don't know that i'll share a lot of words - cause i never do, but i'll share lots of pictures.  that's what it's all about anyway, right?  :) anyway....

we did so much fun stuff!! we made  the most out of our stay thanks to my amazing sister - i'm just going to throw in that she got AMAZING pictures of our trip - so mine don't really do it justice - check her out though (there's a link below). we did something everyday and wore ourselves completely out.  i went into work monday morning and left early to go get the little man from day care.  we tried to avoid getting struck by  lightning getting into our rental.  luckily that was a success so our trip continued.  we got there at a decent time and so got to visit for the night.  tuesday we started our plans - it was an early birthday trip for the now three year old - that post to follow - so we tried to do stuff that we new he would enjoy, and we would enjoy with him.  we started with travel town where there are a bunch of life-size trains that you can walk around a couple that you can even climb on and a smaller one to ride around the little town.  it was so satisfying even only being there an hour that he said "that was a good day" when we were walking back to the car.  we followed with a trip to the zoo, which wasn't nearly as entertaining for the kid, but being able to pretend that his animal crackers that he had for lunch were a family made it worth it for him.  plus the chimpanzees were being pretty playful in the rainy weather and he's still talking about the giraffes, so i call it success!  

wednesday was an all day rainy day, so we went to a kids space museum, which really wasn't that much about space, but it was an interactive museum that he could get his hands on stuff - he threw a fit when it was closing because he didn't want to leave. 

thursday was disneyland day!!  you just can't go wrong.  he got his classic mickey mouse ears, a birthday pin, a birthday call from goofy, and one of those cool silhouette cut outs.   plus he loved all the rides and when i ask him to tell me a story it's about disneyland and he wants to go back everyday!  sorry kid, it's going to be a while, you're no longer free... :( 

friday we really didn't have any plans, but while jorel was taking a nap we decided to drive out to the beach to play in the sand and chase seagulls.  we were meeting my little bro later so didn't have a ton of time there, but i just barely cleaned the sand out of my purse so it was worth the drive and i even got out my good camera for some pictures.  don't do that a lot with my sister around because hers are just so much better!

saturday we drove out to the pumpkin patch - Lombardi  Ranch really because it wasn't just pumpkins!  i think i was starting to get a little worn out but really enjoyed it anyway.  props to my preggo sister!  we rode in a wagon, on a little train, got some candied apples, and picked out some pumpkins to bring home.  it was such a good trip and i really didn't want it to end, but decided i had better not wait until 4 pm to get a move on like i usually do...  work feels extra early when i do that!  it was such a great vacation and much needed too.  my sis and bro-in-law are the best for having us for a whole week! 

oops, this ended up longer than i expected... it was just so much fun to share!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


so i was going to update on our fabulous trip out to cali - but with how the weekend is going i say - "see above"

i'll fill you in later

in the meantime - you can look at my sister's blog for what we did while in cali.  it was a good time had by all, of course!  and thanks again sissy for the great vacation, it was well worth it!  hope you've recovered better than i did :)

btw, have i mentioned how awesome my sister is? because she is in so many ways