Saturday, April 30, 2011

just a pic

just had to share another picture from our california trip that my sister sent me last week...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

meeting thomas

last weekend jorel and i took a short trip out to my sister's to be able to go meet thomas the tank tngine.  we drove out on friday and got there about 7 then got up saturday morning to go to filmore and to the festivities.  It was a pretty good set up, but i do have to say i was a little disappointed in my grumpy little boy.  He didn't even want to RUN! that NEVER happens.  he was getting over a cold and I woke him up from his sleep and nap time and it just wasn't a good mix.  although, he was pretty excited to ride on thomas.  he just didn't want to listen and couldn't understand that we couldn't stay in one place forever.  ugh.  but oh well.  we did get some pictures of him smiling and it is always good to see my family and my cutest little nephew who is already growing up too fast.  he was so great when we were out and about.  after thomas i got to meet up with an a friend from my elementary school days who i haven't seen for 13 years!  it was really nice to catch up for a short time.  we drove back on sunday a little bit late and then i got sick :( it hasn't been the best week, but happy easter anyway! 

riding on thomas!
 little stephen in the bright sun excited to be on thomas too :)
 his tattoo of diesel 10
 annie and i
 checking out his tattoo in the bathroom mirror
this was how he wrote his name about a month ago - he's just getting so smart!
 jumping up and down like the easter bunny and holding still for a moment...