Thursday, May 31, 2012

all the way may

i think i say this every month, but i cannot believe that may is already over...

day 1: peace               day 2: skyline
day 3: something you wore today                                                   day 4: fun!
day 5: bird              day 6: you
day 7: someone that inspires you                        day 8: a smell you adore 
 day 9: something you do everyday                             day 10: a favorite word
day 11: kitchen                                           day 12: something that makes you happy
day 13: mum           day 14: grass
 day 15: love                                   day 16: what you're reading
day 17: snack                                    day 18: something you made
day 19: a favorite place                                        day 20: something you can't live without
day 21: where you stand                             day 22: pink
day 23: technology               day 24: something new
day 25: unusual            day 26: 12 o'clock
day 27: something sweet                day 28: the weather today
day 29: a number                       day 30: your personality
day 31: something beautiful

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

salt lake city

it is always nice to take a weekend and have a mini vacation.  my sister came into town for about half a week and we spent the weekend in the salt lake area.  we totally enjoyed ourselves.  we met up with some family and at some food and spent a day  in park city/salt lake and stayed in a hotel and rode on a horse and buggy and ran around the temple grounds and had good conversation and didn't sleep too much and rode on a trolley and went to the huge mall called city creek and, well, just had a good time.

Friday, May 18, 2012

havasupai 2

i got to go to havasupai again with work and it was just as incredible the second time.  the 10 mile hike in and then 10 back out wasn't nearly as bad as last time.  i think it helped that it was only 80 degrees instead of 107.  it was a great time of the year to go and i really enjoyed the group of girls that we got to take.  we also stopped in sedona, arizona on the way back this time and added a day to our trip, which was nice to break up the driving time.  what a great job i have!

havasu falls
 navajo falls
 right next to our camp sight
 climb down to mooney falls - yes you go down the cliff face!
mooney falls
 heart cactus
 clear blue waters and beat up toe nails
 waking up in the grand canyon
the best camera bag, post hike and dirty hair