Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31 days in january

i've been trying to take at least a picture a day, but a lot of the time it ends up being more, like 2 or 3 so some days are hard to choose just one picture.  i know a lot of you that read my blog have already seen all of these pictures, but, oh well... 
i didn't have a theme for january so these are just random

1st: she doesn't leave his side very often
 3rd: some volleyball fun
4th: ginger loves her walks so much she can barely contain herself 
5th: mr. helpful hands 
 6th: beautiful day for the park
7th: yep it's 12:30 pm and we are still in our pj's 
8th: all ready for church 
9th: swings! 
10th: jorel's favorite little friend the "ladybug" 
11th: playing some ball tonight 
 12th: nice catch gingy!
13th: enjoying his mexican candy
14th: wasn't really up for a walk so he coaxed grandma and grandpa into going 
15th: my parents have the best backyard 
 16th: hitting the spot!
19th: meeting parents and sitting in meetings all day; guys... can i come in? also, i'm hungry...
 20th: more meetings today
21st: talent show for work today 
22nd: snuggie! can eat and my arms don't get cold 
23rd: work it girls... while i sit on the couch and watch you... rainy day PE 
24th: a little foggy this morning 
25th: ahhhh sunshine! 
26th: been a while since i've done one of these - always brings back memories of grandma ina 
27th: ginger! 
28th: volleyball tournament for a good cause 
29th: coloring in church 
30th: did my make-up, wearing purple, and hanging out in as much nice lighting as possible 
31st: begging for goldfish crackers;  my mind wandered a little in class today

Thursday, January 12, 2012

the hunger games

i would rate this series a must read.  after i started reading them, i couldn't stop.  i think i read all three in a week - which is saying something for me.  i started reading hunger games on a thrusday i think, started catching fire on a saturday - had to go pick up mockingjay before sunday rolled around because i knew i would finish cathcing fire on sunday and finished mockingjay by wednesday.  i would have probably finished earlier if i didn't have to go to work!  i forced myself to leave the books home... LOVED these books!  i only wish there were more... 
i have to admit that i made hunger game references during my staff meeting the other day... i got called a nerd haha :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


one of my favorite things about my iPhone - besides it doing things i want it to do without all the delay like my android eris - is instagram!  i heart instagram.  i can see why it was nominated the top app of the year or whatever.  anyway.  i love it.
my november photo challenge was done on instagram so you've seen the pictures before and you've seen them on facebook too.  
also, i love pinterest like everyone else. so many good ideas that i feel were already there but just needed some coaxing, right?  haha.  jk.
you may have seen a few of these already.