Sunday, January 31, 2010


the last couple of months jorel has really picked up on singing. he started out with stuff like amazing grace and row, row, row your boat and becomes obsessed at times with singing twinkle twinkle little star and the abc's - although he skips a few letters in between - he's been singing happy birthday to himself since his birthday and occasionally to me or his aunt jaana. he belts out how great though art - the alan jackson version - and the song from wall-e. occasionally he throws in some of the best dance moves that i know he didn't get from me... what a stink bug!

and, no, he can't sit still very long

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


seriously.... it's true... i love his face! how can you not?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

16 Hours

here is a new look into my currently busy life... so i officially worked my first 16 hour shift (even unaware that it was happening) at my new second or third - who's counting? place of employment. I'm working at Sunrise Academy 3-sometimes 4 - days a week. i still work at backstreet the other three days and now have started open field 3 days a week for softball. so yes, that means i'm working 6 days a week and sometimes 7. it's going okay now that i'm somewhat adjusted - it was hard at first - and although today was a long day it went by pretty fast. i hope that jorel can make the adjustment and forgive his mom for being gone so much :( he really is a great kid! and my sweet family even came and got me at 11pm since my car is in the shop... but that's another story. guess i better get going on my homework - ONLY 5 more weeks and i'll be able to graduate with my MBA!!! and you're all invited to the after party!

Friday, January 15, 2010

OMG Christmas!

okay, so i know it has been forever that i've had a real update... and i know I'm not the only one who has gone into blogging hibernation, but because i always seem to let my journal-ing go down the drain, i decided to try and not let that happen. really, it doesn't seem like a whole lot of exciting things has happened in the last couple of months, but there has been quite a bit when i think back. it just is going by so fast that i forget! i might need to start doing "in the moment" updates or something so i don't forget :) my memory can't be going at the age of 25! haha. so i guess i'll start with christmas even though thanksgiving was full of great food, it didn't even seem like a holiday with missing family members. most of family came for christmas and it was so good to have every one here! of course i didn't take any pictures because sissy was here and she took care of it so if you're really curious to see some you can go to her blog... oh wait, i do have a couple. heres some of the many many gingerbread cookies that we made and some decor:
jorel got SO spoiled with all the gifts from family and friends - thanks to all of you who got him stuff. aunt naana and unc paul for the clothes and {future} disney trip - YEAH - aunt lala for the cool dump truck that taught him not to climb into trucks that dump, aunt leena and uncle ossi for the coolest tracktor and pull, mummi and papa for the awesome table/chairs and bed, grandpa rick for the gift card - very useful - grandma judy and grandpa tom for the train (which mommy had already bought, but yours was cooler cause it was remote controlled (: ) puzzles, movie, doodle pad, and the list goes on and on.... he sure is loved! here he is enjoying some of those gifts and playing with his good friend, don't they look like little men? it drives me crazy! but so stinkin' cute - and who really needs all those new toys when you've got a laundry basket or two?:

also wanted to show off how super amazing my sister is at what she does!!! these are only a select few out of all of the awesome photos that she took for us for our "holiday" shoot :) - but its late and i couln't get them to load so those will come later (the little card below is an example of one)