Sunday, March 21, 2010

busy spring

our life right now....

talk to you in may!

Okay, maybe i'll be posting before that, but there isn't any guarantees! So just a quick one - i've been at the fields late all week so it's been a little exhausting especially after i've already felt like i've put in a full day... but anyway. i had today off so i gave jorel a hair cut and we jumped on the trampoline and took a nap :) it was a great spring day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

here we went...

our trip to california was one of the best!! it's always fun to go see my sister but there was something about this trip... maybe because it was all about me... maybe not but it was SO much fun. we left thursday morning and took our time - but hurried to get there. i actually enjoy the drive and think it is an okay distance to travel especially with good company. jorel always does a pretty good job in the car so there are no worries there.

we ate at Zankou - a great chicken place right next to my sisters and we pigged out - this was the first trip to burbank that we've made without going to bob's big boy! weird.... friday we decided was disney day so we tried to get some sleep because we were planning on doing the "tourist" disney day and try to get in as much as we could... we were much successful and got in a whole bunch! there were rides even my season-pass-holder sister hadn't been on so we conquered! the pics of this magic of a day are on my sister's photogblog @ - and they are the best pics ever - seriously check it out :) plus they are pretty much all the pictures that were taken the whole trip - most of the ones i took are already on my blog haha. good for me. disneyland was a little more crowded than we expected but well worth the trip. jorel was a dream and its funny what a different experience that he had from 5 months ago. his favorites - that he's still talking about - were the "horsies that go up and down," "the boat pirate," dumbo - of course, "geotrax train" better known as the monorail, and he just told me that the roller coaster was his favorite - wouldn't have guessed. silly boy. oh and captian EO! AMAZING!!! jorel even kept his 3D glasses on the whole time. it was just so much fun. the only bummer of the day was that the fireworks were cancelled because there were high winds - but we stayed well into the night. i even got to see the stray cats that hang around and keep the rodents under control apparently. bet you didn't know that!

so come saturday we were ready to hit the museum, but silly us didn't realize that it closed at 5 until after we were on our way to Pink's hot dog stand. The world famous to say the least. i went for their chili cheese dog and it was pretty dang delicious. it had started raining friday night and went on and on most of saturday so really we just took it easy that day. which was good because we were all probably pooped from disneyland. we watched a movie that night and ordered pizza and visited the rest of the night.

sunday the girls got up and went shopping for a little bit - i found a new purse for myself - and we browsed through a couple of stores and just chatted and it was fun. we then had to get ready to leave... we stopped by the in-laws house with some Thrifty's ice cream - which, BTW is the best ice cream in the world... and then we were off. i don't usually cry when i leave - but this time i was so sad to go. it was way too short as usual and i definitely was not ready to go! here's to celebrating the right way!