Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new hair... again :)

so some people have heard that i got my hair cut... and i have!  i only have pictures from my webcam right now (that i took at work haha) so here is the new hair!  i like it a lot :) i hadn't cut my hair in almost a year and it needed it so bad!!! the back is a bit of an a-line cut and turned out nice so i'm pleased :)

after :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011


we went up to the mountains in cedar on friday and played in the snow.  it was really jorel's first time playing in this much snow and he really seemed to enjoy it!  we may have to go again...  the snow was so powdery and fresh that jorel had a hard time the first time going down because of all the snow that came flying in his face.  once he got some goggles on he was all for it.  he also really liked eating the snow and sucking it off of his mittens.  coming down from the mountain he said "HOLY CRAP, icicles!"  it was so funny coming out of his mouth and a bit of a shock when he said it so i just cracked up laughing!  what a goof!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


this morning i made jorel a mickey mouse pancake and he was so excited to eat it, but then when he was done he said "i want mickey!" and wanted to cry... 

Friday, February 11, 2011

just the boy

have i overwhelmed you yet with my updates?  there is so much about jorel that i haven't shared and wouldn't even know where to start.  he is hilarious and so cute and such a turd and mean and nice and sweet and growing and learning and getting smarter and smarter and the list can go on forever!  he really is so much fun, even though so exhausting.  the goods definitely outweigh the bads by a lot!  time just goes by so fast...  and he just does and says the funniest things!

we still love bath time

he's discovered the greatness of the webcam when he can watch himself - got him to sing us a song: (sorry about the sound delay) 

how about new years, too?

we were at my sister's for new years meeting the new little guy.  she had the in-laws over for new years too and we all celebrated while the babe slept through all of it.  it was a lot of fun to be with all of them for new years.  jorel took some pictures, too because i was trying to keep him entertained :) so happy new years to everyone?  yay!

these are pictures through the eyes of a three year old :) aren't they just awesome?!  he would take a picture of stephen and then turn the camera around and say "look, that's you!"  these are just cute and funny... 

christmas - yes, i know it's february

so since i won't have anything to post for valentine's day (oh well, maybe next year?)  i thought it works to upload christmas-ish pictures....and yes, i'll overload you. my older brother's family came into town this year and that was really great because we haven't seen him and his family in a while!  we also had some fins come for christmas too so it was really nice to visit with them and get to know them better.  and as you all know, my sister had a baby over this time too...  and he is doing good too.  we had floods and so we lost power for a little while one night and got out the oil lamps to visit at the table. 
jorel made a gingerbread (well graham cracker) house at day care - i love that she does stuff like this 
christmas eve pj's
 making karelian pies -YUMMY i tell you!
 christmas day

 jorel lucked out as usual :) got lots of cool stuff - here he is playing in his new superman pajamas and his grandparents from indiana got his this really awesome motorcycle!  (thanks guys!)
so much fun!