Saturday, March 31, 2012

birthday pary

jorel went to one of his friend's birthday parties today.  she had a princess/pirate theme and they were supposed to go all dressed up.  we got out part of his pirate costume and headed out to the birthday party.  there was a table of goodies and games and cupcakes and presents.  out of all of the candy, jorel picked out the celery... what 4 year old does that?  but enjoyed himself a good cupcake!

march photo a day

Day 1: Up - jumping fool, thinks he is going to be on wipe out...
 Day 2: Fruit
 Day 3: Your Neighborhood
 Day 4: Bedside - yes, it's a mess in here!
 Day 5: A Smile
 Day 6: 5 pm - the end of back to the future 3
 Day 7: Something you wore - skinny jeans with sparkly zebra flats
 Day 8: Window
 Day 9: Red - at the park
 Day 10: Loud
 Day 11: Someone You Talked to Today - my mom!
 Day 12: Fork - we have a lot because we eat so much!
 Day 13: Sign - @dick's sporting goods, we got one in st george
 Day 14: Clouds
 Day 15: Car
 Day 16: Sunglasses
 Day 17: Green - happy st. patrick's day
 Day 18: A Corner of Your Home
 Day 19: Funny
 Day 20: Before/After
 Day 21: Delicious - well, it was anyway, Mom's spaghetti is the best!
 Day 22: Kitchen Sink
 Day 23: Moon - behind those clouds, can't you see it?
 Day 24: An Animal
 Day 25: Breakfast
 Day 26: Key
 Day 27: Your Name - evaluations
 Day 28: Trash - why?
 Day 29: Feet - ginger too!
 Day 30: Toy - he can't get enough of these
 Day 31: Where You Relax - the trampoline, at times that is

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

feeling spring

this year has been another year with strange weather.  we go from 40 degrees to 80-90 degrees to 50 degrees and back.  so we've had some really great days and have been playing outside as much as we can.  

a meadowlark - these things are loud
ginger and dizzy lizzy 
 this is ginger looking at the kitty - she's pretty scared of her 
playing in the dirt 

poor kitty... 
 here gingy! ahh!
 trampoline pics

 racing - this is his "putting on the screeching brakes face"

 fixing his car
playing fetch 

 big boy bike