Sunday, January 27, 2013

just a drive

with gas being so much, taking a relaxing drive can be something of a treat.  we decided to go drive through zion and ended up not only driving through zion, but making the loop out to kanab and back to hurricane.  it was nice to just spend the time together and listen to the kids goof around.  jorel and jaxan took some pictures while we were on the drive so here are some of those :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

beckham turns 3!

this little guy had a birthday!  one thing i really love about beckham is his excitement over pretty much everything.  he gets this little high pitch voice and with the most excited kid i have ever seen.  so you can imagine on his birthday how much energy he had and getting to open the presents was entertainment for us all.  he is adorable. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


i went to idaho for my first time ever - or so i'm pretty sure.  i definitely know it's jorel's first time.  but anyway, we went up to visit one of mike's really good friends who had just had a baby for the blessing, also to help him remodel his house, and to see his grandparents who live up there.  while the boys remodeled, i helped out with the kids and hung out and read and got to know their family.  one of their daughters got attached and was really sad the morning after we left so she had to call me.  how cute is that?  it was totally freezing while we were up there like felt like -17 degrees. its been a really long time since i had been in that cold of weather and really didn't have all of the gear to survive outside.  so we stayed inside for most of the it.  we did venture out for a little bit because they couldn't handle that i had never shot a gun... so we shot a couple before we freezed our toesies off and then let the kids sled for a couple of minutes.  you just can't last that long when its that cold!  it was a really great trip.  except jorel got sick on the way home - some bug his friend's kids had.  and mike's grandparents are pretty cool too.  it was really good that mike and i got away and got to spend some really good time together.
yes, he had to borrow some snow boots... sorry manly ron and mike, but you'll just have to get over it ;)

the boys freezing!