Thursday, November 25, 2010

well baby

@ age 3
jorel's stats:
height: 37 in
weight: 31 lbs

and here is a recent picture of me... hahaha (didn't realize how many laugh-lines i really had)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

baby on the way

not for me sillies.  MY SISTER.  a couple of weekends ago we went to my sister's baby shower.  my sister's sister-in-law (who i just claim as my own, too) threw the best baby shower ever!  it was just an incredible celebration; catered with yummy food, lots of family and friends (co-ed), and just adorable decorations.  she even thought about the kiddos that were going to be there and included a craft table.  she's just adorable.  my sister is so lucky for the family that she married into.  they really are wonderful people.  can't wait for that little one to join!

seriously cute decor right? there were more super cute animals on every table

Monday, November 15, 2010


in the underwear is very annoying, especially when it happens that way most of the time when he's with me (or he waits until i put a diaper on at night or nap to go - like last night he pooped in his sleep) and i'm really trying to be encouraging  but oh man it's hard not to get mad.......  but you can't stay mad at this face for very long:

Thursday, November 4, 2010


in the potty :) i know it may not be a big deal to you, but it's a huge step for our potty training! he does really well at day care, of course, and struggles a little bit when we're at home, but we're working on it, and i'm changing a lot less diapers which is awesome! yeah jorel!


jorel was a pirate for halloween.  he wore his costume to day care on friday and wore it all day and loved it - he didn't want to take it off.  saturday we met up with the cousins and went trick-or-treating.  sometimes i wonder why the heck i bother dressing up, but i guess i do think it is still fun sometimes.  it was jorel's first year and he liked it.  he asked me a couple of days ago if we could go again... cute boy :)


so only a little over a week ago, this child had a birthday:
we started the day - just like last year - with the happy birthday song (as made popular by the beetles, apparently)... but we really celebrated on our california trip (that was kind of the whole point of going to disneyland) - i was asked to take pictures of our companies 5K that morning and then i had a city league basketball game - but we did have cake on  his actual day - it's an airplane!
i thought that this sequence of pictures was funny - this was the second time blowing out the candle and it didn't quite work - he tried so hard to blow it out, and you can even see the fire move on the candle (the 3rd pic) but the last pic is the best, he was so bothered that it didn't go out...
and then he tried again...

we then opened some presents, i don't even think he looked at the gift until all of the paper was off of it!

and then that was about it.  hope that he had a good day - he said he did :)