Sunday, September 26, 2010


i was looking back at some of my blogs and man am i boring... or is it that i just write boring?  or maybe i just live my life boringly and don't have much excitement to share... i don't know what it is... why am i so boring?  anyway - here's another boring post

it felt like it was 100 degrees here again today.  let's welcome in july, oh wait, it's supposed to be october?  what happened?!  that means it's jorel's birthday month and he's going to be 3! wow! i seriously can't believe it.  but he really is the best... we're going to celebrate it in great style and early.  those of you that want to get him gifts can pass and just send a nice card in stead.  did i ever mention how spoiled he is?  and he can't wait for another little cousin to play with!  and i can't wait for that niece or nephew!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

fall is here?

so mornings are cold, evening are nice, football season has been upon us for a few weeks now, it's mid-september - and it's 100 degrees outside.  yes it changes 40 degrees in the 24 hours that we're given in the day... i'm not complaining, and it's a great time of the year anyway.  the mornings and most evenings it feels great.  jorel and i have gone to a couple of football games this season, and he seems to be getting into them more and more, actually cheering and kind of watching some of the game.  it's really fun to watch him, even though he doesn't really know what's going on.  anyway, we've definitely been enjoying the outdoors including our friday work activities.  we've done kolob, toquerville falls, and kanarraville falls this last month.  too bad jorel doesn't come along, although i don't think he would be ready for these ones anyway! so now i'll post some pics... i suppose, i don't really have much else to talk about!
the pics in order:
1. jorel just being funny in his baseball helmet
2. kolob
3&4. toquerville falls
5. jorel lifting weights
6&7. jorel loving the animals
8.tarantula we saw in kanarraville
9&10. kanarraville falls hike
11. #75 is my nephew sam
12. jorel watching sam playing (he plays for snow canyon  high)