Monday, April 30, 2012

april days

Day 1: Your Reflection
 Day 2: Color
 Day 3: Mail
 Day 4: Someone That Makes You Laugh
 Day 5: Tiny
 Day 6: Lunch - i was to excited to eat to get a picture of the actual meal
 Day 7: Shadow
 Day 8: Inside Your Wallet - yep, 3 whole dollars!
 Day 9: Younger You
 Day 10: Cold
 Day 11: Where You Ate Breakfast - but this picture is a lie, i ate breakfast at work, but i did eat a bowl of cereal here
 Day 12: Stairs
 Day 13: Something You Found - ooh, Karelian pies!  what?! they're not for me???!!!
 Day 14: How You Feel Today - apparently we feel constipated
 Day 15: Sunset - almost missed it!
 Day 16: Flower
 Day 17: Something You Don't Like - homework, i'm a teacher, why do i need so much homework!
 Day 18: Hair - his is getting pretty long!
 Day 19: Orange
 Day 20: Something You Drew
 Day 21: Bottle - hot day, drink lots of water!
 Day 22: The Last Thing You Bought - skirt from the Gap outlet
 Day 23: Vegetable - there's one somewhere in this meal...
 Day 24: Something You're Grateful For - the tv in the background... oh wait, of course this guy!
 Day 25: Looking Down - ginger may be a tad bit on the heavy side...
 Day 26: Black and White
 Day 27: Somewhere You Went
 Day 28: 1 pm - movie
 Day 29: Circle
 Day 30: Something That Makes You Sad - a weekend that went by too fast

Sunday, April 15, 2012

senior [have a] ball

my [little] nephew had a dance at his school and so his group wanted pictures taken.  i'm not comfortable using a flash, and the rain was pouring down that day, so i just did my best - practice helps right? ha, well these were the results.  maybe it'll get better?  i think i'm going to stick to landscape... haha

Friday, April 13, 2012

the hunger games, movie style

i have to say that i was greatly pleased with this movie!  i just saw it for the second time (first time i went last saturday with my mom, and today with my friend james).  fully enjoyed it both times.  i thought the rewrite was acceptable :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

update central

i have so much to update... i feel warn out and busy, but i just really haven't been on my computer when i get off of work as much as i used to be except to do some things for class.  i am tired today because jorel had kept me up last night SNORING!  i didn't know four year old kids could sound like that... we went to the dentist yesterday and found out that part of his snoring problem is swollen tonsils - but no cavities!  oh man, i don't think that either of us are getting very much sleep so we have been a little annoyed with each other today.  oh well, hopefully we'll get some better rest tonight!  in the mean time - i am actually working on some updates!