Monday, September 29, 2008

Sky Rockets in Flight...

Add this to the list of super cool experiences!!! I've tried to upload the video, but couldn't get it too work... but anyway! This was one of the coolest things that I've been able to do. Eight of us - all first timers - went out to Mesquite and enjoy a day of hotness with a little wind and rain while we all jumped out of an airplane. The people that work there are really chill and fun and help you feel really safe. I was the 6th one to go - we had to go up one by one because the plane was so small, and we needed to keep room for the pilot, the tandem guy, the videographer, the fun jumper and of course yourself. The ride was pretty cramped to say the least. It took about 25 minutes to get to altitude - 10,500 feet. The fun jumper goes first - these are guys from Las Vegas and the guys that were with us were from the show Ka by Cirque du Soleil. The fun jumper that went with us had to leave a little early to test out the wind, since it started blowing pretty hard just before I got to go. We waited for at least a half hour for the wind to die down and got pretty lucky that the last 3 of us got to go. They said we came on a great day. Anyway, when it was time to go, the camera girl hangs onto a little hand rail on the wing and films us jumping out of the airplane. Talk about a rush! It was so much fun and I would totally do it again except it can be very pricy. We ended up being there for about 10 hours, a lot longer than I expected, but it was well worth it. Thanks guys!

Oh Jorel!

Jorel turned 11 month old on the 23rd of September. He's been such a happy, funny baby these last few weeks. He had been testing out his walking skills for a really long time now but is finally adventurous enough to let go and see what his little legs can do.
He's starting to test out his vocal chords quite a bit - he especially likes to try to meow when we look at one of his books. He really likes Grandma and Grandpa's bed too and it is hilarious!

Not to mention he is SUCH a grandma's boy and its so cute. He does so good when he has to come to volleyball practice or games and seems to enjoy the couple of football games that we went to - although he does pay more attention to the cheerleaders than the football players. He even sat through my hair appointment (like an hour and some) pretty content with minimal complaints (pic to come soon cause it turned out so cute - thanks Dallas!). He is just too precious. He's got cute little buck teeth on top and two little teeth on the bottom. Ron got him a sheep skin rug because Jorel liked his so much - every time he goes by it he rubs his face in it cause its so soft. Priceless I tell ya. He enjoys to have people around to entertain him, or actually I think he likes to entertain them! I just can't get over how good a kid he is and can't believe that he's almost a year old. Talk about flying time!

Immediate Family Reunion - Part 1

Our family decided that it was time for all of us to get together. The last time we say each other - all together that is, was my Grandpa Bill's 90th birthday, so we thought it was about time. I've seen my sister and other brothers since then a few times, but my older brother, Mika and his wife, Jessi and their kid, Luke hadn't even gotten to meet Jorel yet! It was so fun to have everyone together! Mika and Jessi got here on the morning of the 9th, so they actually got to come a little earlier. I think it was nice for them to be able to get here a day early so they could have Jorel all to themselves and get that out of their system so we could all enjoy having everyone around. We didn't want to make it just about the kid, you know? Anyway, we went out to Ted and Allen's that night to enjoy some grub and just visited.

The following day we just relaxed until the rest of the siblings got into town - Jaana, her hubby, Paul and Jake, and then we watched a family video from 1984. It is so funny to see us that young and to see how much Jorel looks like each of us - he's definitely a Nugent! Thursday we started with some Finnish pancakes for breakfast - SO yummy! Then went to Sand Hollow to enjoy some sunshine and wade in the water. Lots of chatting, fishing, and floating made the day. Jorel also decided he liked to eat dirt.

We went up to Springdale that night to enjoy a delicious dinner at Wildcat Willies - if you haven't figured it out yet, we usually plan our activities around our eating!

On Friday we went to Bryce Canyon. I hadn't been there before - sad, I know, but it really is beautiful. Pictures just can't capture what you see when you're there. The ride up and back was quite entertaining - we borrowed a van from Cross Creek so we could all fit into one vehicle. I think we were all delirious on the way home! We decided to stop and eat some Carl's Jr. on the way back cause we couldn't wait any longer.

We gathered around the fire pit when we got home and roasted some marshmallows. In case you didn't know - Reese's s'mores are really good, thanks Paul for reminding us of its goodness! Saturday was the last day so that the family didn't have to stick through traffic on Sunday and they could have a day to rest before getting back to work on Monday. We had a yummy BBQ and went bowling to end the fabulous weekend.
Everyone got home safe and are ready for part 2 with my dad in October! Hooray for the IFR! BTW the credit for most of these pics goes to either my wonder woman sister, Jaana or my ever talented brother-in-law Paul!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

OH boy, SO much to tell!!!

This past month has been full of volleyball, family, and friends! I've had a great few weeks, I don't even know where to start! I know I can't even remember every thing that happened, but I guess only the highlights are important. Some things that happened this month: my family came in on September 10th for our first annual Immediate Family Reunion;
Jorel turned 11 months old and is really getting the walking thing down, and still getting cuter everyday;
Lots of volleyball;
I got my hair did; went to some football games;
Finished my class - hooray!; and this last Saturday I went skydiving!!!

Its been quite an eventful September and it has been SO great! I decided split them up into a few different posts so the following have more explanation :) Yeah!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sand Hollow, Sushi, and Sunshine

I must be one lucky girl because I had another GREAT weekend - and this next weekend is going to be so great because we're having a little family reunion. Actually my whole week was pretty good. Last Friday I got to experience Peach Days for the first time thanks to the Stanworths. I think its a cute little festival (?) and a neat tradition that Hurricane has upheld all these years. Wednesday we had volleyball games at Moapa High which is never really the best drive or anything, but it wasn't too bad. James was nice enough to baby-sit until my mom got off work - thanks James!! While in Moapa, our bus driver took us to eat at this little sandwich and ice cream place that was really good! So if you ever need something to eat while there, you should check it out, you should be able to find it, there's not too much there.

This last Friday our volleyball team swept Park City then Derek came over... I know, I know, again? Yes, and it was way fun. We didn't do much Friday night because it was late and I was actually finnishing up some homework - how fun for him, right? So, Saturday we met up with Brett and a friend of his to go boating at the lake. It was SO much fun. I think we were on the lake about five hours. I'm so sore from tubing that its ridiculous! I also tried wake boarding and it wasn't so successful, but I think given another shot, I might be able to do it... maybe.

We also went and jumped off a cliff. It really is such an adrenaline rush. I think it was about 25 feet high and took a lot of motivating to get off the cliff... "Holy Smokes, it's the Golden Night!" - not me, Brett. Apparently I'm the rock star princess.... And Derek made it happen with some shake and bake. After you jump and look back up, the cliff only looks like a large rock - which really it was, I just like calling it a cliff because I feel pretty cool that I jumped off of it. Haha, jk. But you feel pretty silly that it took you that long to jump off, but then you get back up there and it looks so high again! So weird but fun. After the lake we headed to Samurai 21 and had some sushi, then some Cold Stone and off to watch tivo-ed college football. By the time I got home, I think it was about 7 seconds before I was completely out... that sunshine sure wears you down - and of course I got sunburned because I didn't reapply my sunscreen, grrr. Today- Sunday - Derek made us some yummy crepes after church. Luckily Derek left his crepes pan at his parents house so I'm sure we'll be having them again - yeah! I had never had dinner crepes before so they were new to me and SO good. Jorel just played so good. Derek's mom had this little chair that she keeps a stuffed bear on, and Jorel just fit in it. It was so funny and so stinking cute - not to mention he is the biggest ham! I love it. Anyway, here are some pictures from the lake and the little chair:

What a wonderful world :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Sky's the Limit