Sunday, August 30, 2009

wild sleeper

he moves so much at night, i don't think he'll ever be ready for a toddler bed!

he still really likes the swing

he's really liking mickey mouse and all of his friends lately

Saturday, August 22, 2009

some i forgot earlier

jorel is such a goof and is OBSESSED with drums!!! not kidding... in the last post, jorel was playing the drums and the guitar at the same time!! these puppies are my friend trina's new litter of little yorkies that are just SO cute - go to her blog - and you'll just see how stinkin cute!

just some pictures to share

i just don't know why people mistake jorel for a girl...

poor kid...

more [hair] talk

a couple of thursdays ago i decided to fulfill my blonde thoughts... i went to the oh so fab dall and she painted my locks. my sis really wanted to see a picture, so here ya go!

BTW, did you know we are related to Conan O'Brien? :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

oh the things they do

my kid makes me laugh.... :)
yes they are on upside-down

his dreams must be pretty wild to have to hold on

swing batter!

just lying around, reading a book, upside-down


from the midwest

we had some family from missouri come through last sunday cause my cousin served his mission in las vegas and was showing the rest of his family around. they are great people! we visited and had some good grub and then they were off... such a short visit, but so great to see them!

bitter sweet

on wednesday my mom gave jorel most of his first hair cut i cleaned it up a little towards the end. i miss the curls, but i can still see them in there and hopefully will curl again when it grows out. the little baby look is officially gone :( but now he is one handsome dude!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

wild-hair thoughts

so i've always heard that blondes have more fun... i'm feeling a little un-fun lately... just thinking about it... not platinum blonde or anything just a sandy or dark blonde or throw in some highlights for the rest of the summer... i i'm usually one to go darker, but just once in my life i think i might have to try it, after all, i was blonde as a kid

(just ignore the pink pants!)