Sunday, May 30, 2010


i almost forgot to post the train cake that i made!! i attempted to make a train cake for jorel's birthday in october that pretty much ended in disaster. although it was pretty dang hilarious. so not-the-other-day a month or so ago i redeemed myself, this is what it was supposed to look like the first time: (kind of)

(yeah me!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


last weekend was a pretty good one. my friday work days (the days we get to do the outdoor learning while hiking and stuff like that) set up my weekends pretty good. the 15th was my mom's choir's spring concert. she is part of the Hurricane Heritage Choir and they put on a cute show. she has always been an amazing singer and i'm glad she's getting to do it again.
i went on a night-time four wheel ride with a friend right after the concert and it was a great night for that. on sunday it got so warm that jorel got to run through the sprinklers! he loved it and we put it close to the trampoline so he could enjoy both at the same time. we've been having some nice weekends, but this weekend it is so windy!! boo on that. but it's still been okay. we went to my step-sister's salon's grand opening - it's called Solutions and it's out in the santa clara area. they have some fun stylist so if you're looking for a change... anyway. i got my hair cut while i was there cause they were having $10 hair cuts. anyway. there really isn't a whole lot going on for us other than work these days so the free time has been nice. here are some pics of jorel in the sprinkler... he's so funny!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

afternoon @ the park

i just thought this was a funny moment.... check out his left shoe and then his reaction to it.... he stood there for a moment trying to figure out what the heck was happening! it was cute (maybe only to me) :)

anyway, we played at the park yesterday... he also got a hair cut on friday so he has a nice cool summer do for now. you never realize how much hair they have until you cut it off!

did i mention he loves the park?!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


my poor dog get's so neglected during softball season, but she still loves me anyway (thanks to mom and ron for taking care of this too!). isn't she cute? we'll be having some bonding time in the near future.

also recently i had a weekend at my sister's and a day in vegas joining the girl's weekend and both were super fun. i'll update on those next - but my sis has some pics on her blog if you want to see the fun - check it!


so yet again my schedule has changed. since taking the part time teaching position at my company, i had been offered a full time position since our history teacher is going to go teach in morocco. cool for both of us!! so i'm now working full time and enjoying it. i just started my full time schedule on monday and softball was over on tuesday so i've been making the adjustment and it's pretty nice. the days go by fast because these girls usually need a lot of help. and although i love my softball girls, it's usually a relief of stress and pressure when it's over. it was a tough season and i'll really miss our seniors :(

also i bought - and am still buying - my sister's old camera from her since she got herself a new one, hers was up for grabs. during the season i took it to a couple of games and got some shots - they're not great, but it was fun to take some pictures anyway :)