Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap year makes 29

i also didn't have a theme for this month's photo a day... 

1st: something about this is disturbing
 2nd: pretty nice view, eh?
 3rd: you stink... so do you...
 4th: cheese!; "you need to jump over the trippy parts..."
5th: went with the suspenders for church today 
 7th: a valentine wreath
 8th: adapted a little from a pinterest post
 9th: "my rain boots'
 10th: "I'll read you a story mom... what do these words say?"
 11th: thor's hammer in bryce - early morning to get here!
 12th: pinterest once again
 13th: some sunshine through the rain clouds
 14th: happy valentine's
 15th: rainy day
 16th: what are you doing? "playing my drums"
 17th: confluence park, i guess? down by the virgin river
 18th: picnic in the backyard
 19th: he will do pretty much anything i ask to get on the computer
 20th: happy president's day to us!
 21st: shadow means the sun is shining...
 22nd: balloons!
 23rd: i'm calling these my mermaid nails
 24th: good morning stevie boy!; i'm on a boat!
 25th: floppy hats
 26th: winning
 27th: maracas!
 28th: my sister is so nice and got me a ring and a new shirt! now i want to learn how to make these rings
 29th: SO SICK! my day so far... i would actually rather be at work than have this flu or whatever this is...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

senior pictures

i was asked to take senior pictures of this lovely girl.  this was my first attempt at senior stuff, but she was really cute and ate up the camera.  i don't think i'll make this a habit, but it was fun practice anyway.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy v-day

happy valentine's day from this kid! (and me too, i guess)

 hope you'll forgive me for these one day, jorel :) mom loves you!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

bryce canyon early morning

bill called me up to go to bryce canyon for an early saturday morning.  we almost missed sunrise, which is why we went so early! but we got some good shots anyway.  his are way better than mine, but i'm definitely getting better, i hope!  i'm pretty critical so i'm trying to give myself a little more credit... these ones were taken at inspiration point and sunrise/sunset point and trail.