Sunday, September 25, 2011


before i left for a few nights to go to Havasupai for work, i decided that jorel and i should have a fun saturday together.  the lion king in 3D was first on the list.  WOW.  i felt like a 5 year old.  and just seeing it in theaters again was pretty darn cool.  and in 3D?! the lion king was one of my nieces favorite movies before she passed away from leukemia, and it just so happened that her birthday was the day before the release of the movie.  my emotions may or may not have gotten the better of me at parts, but it was so enjoyable and to share it with jorel (who is about the same age as my niece was before she passed) made it pretty special.  maybe this all sounds cheesy, but it was pretty awesome.  after the movie we ran over to sportsman's warehouse to grab a few camping/10-mile-hiking supplies.  after we got home, we ate and then went with mummi and grandpa ron to the SUU football game.  they have season passes and a couple of extra seats so they invited us to go along.  it was a lot of fun and a fun-filled saturday.  :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


i'm glad we have this little frozen yogurt place here in hurricane called YUMZ.  and so is jorel.  we've enjoyed it a couple of times this summer.  also, we've enjoyed each other this summer.  he's also been doing nursery rhymes at day care and here he is with his humpty dumpty.  we took ginger out for a ride too because it had been a while and i needed to vacuum my car anyway.   and since jorel runs around most of the time in his undies around the house, the other day it was raining and he wanted his rain coat on to run in it for a little bit, so that's all he had on and his flip flops 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

peach days 2011

this year i got invited to play in the peach days volleyball tournament so i started out my labor day weekend playing volleyball from 4:00 pm to 4:00 am!  it was so much fun and my team was a blast.  i was so glad to have an old high school friend, jamie, come down and join us that i hadn't seen or talked to since high school!  it was so good to catch up with her and our other really good friend, tami, also.  i was so grateful to be able to play and visit the night away with my friends.  one of our other teammates got proposed to so it was just all around exciting.  we were sponsored by cedar post pawn and didn't do great, but had fun nonetheless.  the next day i wanted to be able to participate in the little celebration of our town's heritage and let jorel enjoy some of it too.  we missed the parade because of the late night (early morning?) so went down a little before noon and met up with mummi and grandpa for some funnel cake.  they left and i let jorel do some of the rides and such.  i also entered a couple of pictures into the art contest and won sweepstakes ($15!) on one of them in the amateur division.  even thought it was a little contest, it was still pretty cool.  i won on the foot picture below.  we went home after a little bit and came back for a navajo taco, to pick up my winnings, and for the fireworks.  jorel ended up with a "light saver" also?  spoiled.... :)