Sunday, February 17, 2013

jaxan's seven!

i know you haven't really heard a bunch about my boyfriend's family.  but these are some sweet kids.  jaxan had her birthday party at jumpin jacks in st george.  her mom invited us all to go along.  it's always a little crazy over there, but the kids love it so much!  
jaxan is a great reader and loves to do artistic things.  she should be in some type of performance class cause she loves to get up in front of a crowd.  she likes princesses, hello kitty, and playing dress up.   and boy, this girl can tell stories!  she is extremely loving and cares about people.  she's a pretty good big sister most of the time and i know jorel is a big fan of hers.  happy jaxan bug!

Friday, February 8, 2013


i love having visitors.  my sister and her adorable family came in for a visit so she could take pictures for a good friend in the hospital while she had her baby.  the baby is freakin' adorable, btw.  but before they left, the only pictures i have of their visit are ones jorel took at five guys.  it was a great weekend and were so happy to have them here.   anytime they come is a good time.    btw - jorel loves his uncle markus!