Tuesday, July 27, 2010

summer fun ♥

swim :)

WATERMELON! (takes after me)

a blanket i made for a friends brand new Mason baby (and the chicks too)

i couldn't tell who was having more fun, grandpa or the babe

and on my birthday we shot off fireworks and i was lame and burned my thumb... 26!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

recent happenings through pictures

some of these pictures are a little bit older, but i thought they were still worth sharing
jorel with his mater and his scab in the middle of his head

helping grandma with yard work

ginger being lazy

jumping on the trampoline with sprinklers

more baseball

hiking in new harmony

in his "dancing shoes"

tender moments with grandma

sweaty feet

when i got back from the camping trip, jorel had these scabs on the bottom of his feet. it almost looked like he had been running around on really hot cement. so i took him into the doctor to get them checked out - thought maybe it could be athletes foot also because he wears shoes ALL day some days and doesn't get a breath. but the doctor that we saw said that unfortunately that he just has really sweaty feet! i mean i kind of knew this, i mean, it does kind of run in the family, but didn't realize that they were THAT sweaty! the poor dear... he doesn't complain about it much, and we just need to keep powder in his socks and shoes and lotion at night. sometimes they seem like they hurt, but he doesn't complain too much... he's too busy running around everywhere to stop and worry about it. i'll have to get a picture of his poor little feet and post it a little bit later

the 4th

hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, and it was better than ours.... Although we were able to play on the fourth with some good friends, leading up to that even wasn't so much joy - see post below ): - and i was hoping very much to get out of town that weekend to see my pregnant sissy (!!!) but i guess that will have to wait. At least we had something to do monday night because of our great friends. we crashed their neighborhood cookout and it was nice to visit with some new people. we even had a great view of the city fireworks. so thanks to friends for making it a good weekend after all (: Oh and now i'm really craving disneyland! (and their freaking awesome fireworks... NOT pictured) and i'm sure that jorel is too. who is feeling better by the way and got a new haircut yesterday (just another shorter one to keep him cool) he got a little beat up hanging out with his super awesome friend but still followed him around like a puppy dog... they are already such boys, i can't imagine what it'll be like when they're older! (right jess?) haha Love those boys :) we also went to see toy story 3 with them on opening night - so fun!

Friday, July 2, 2010


happy birthday month to me,

i had to stay home from work today cause jorel ran a really high fever yesterday and i was puking...

and we're not quite feeling better yet