Saturday, August 27, 2011

more jorel, more cousins, and more ginger

jorel just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  the other day he got ginger in the wagon and tried to pull her all around the yard.  she was a little heavy.  later that day, the cousins came over for grandpa ron's birthday (happy birthday grandpa!)  to play and they ended up putting the slip'n'slide under the "new" jungle gym that "grandpa" got for his birthday.  pretty creative, eh?  they really have a lot of fun together.  

Sunday, August 21, 2011


i finally got CS5 and am loving it!  finally able to edit RAW!  since my computer crashed i was using gimp and got a teacher discount on the photoshop so went for it.  jorel said he wanted to go see the temple after church one day so i used it as an opportunity to try out my o-flash and use photoshop :)  i'm definitely no pro, but its fun anyway!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


man, i just can't keep up on anything!  this trip happened a month ago but my sister, mom, and i and the two kids went and took a really, really fun trip to missouri to see family and celebrate with  my cousin for his wedding.  it was such a good trip and the kiddos did great (with only a couple of come-a-parts).  i was just going to post some pictures, but i decided to tell about the trip too.  so this ended up a lot longer than intended!
mom , jorel and i drove out on the 10th of August (Wednesday) to Burbank to be able to fly out with Jaana and Stevie.  i was so excited to take a trip with my sister, because these days its usually us traveling alone to see one another.  we left after work so got in kind of late.  jorel had to ask and ask and ask where we were (are we in california?!) about 500 times before we even reached vegas!  he's a crack up.  i also asked him some questions while we were driving to try to keep us all entertained.  here are some of those questions:

What is your favorite song?  its a small world and the pirate song
Who is your best friend?  colin and baby stephen
What is your favorite color? orange
What is your favorite food?  cereal
What is your favorite snack? fruit snacks
What is your favorite movie? thomas and friends: thomas' snowy surprise
What is your favorite song to sing? my life has a gift, my life has a plan, my life has a purpose in heaven it began...
What is your favorite thing to play? thomas
Where is your favorite place to go? disneyland, on a plane, the zoo train
What is your favorite book? thomas and the golden engine
What are you going to be when you grow up? get big and tall
What is your favorite vegetable? banana
What is your favorite fruit? apples
What is your favorite shirt? Lightning McQueen
What is your favorite sport?  i want a fort!
What do you want for your birthday? a present
What job do you want when you grow up?  (with some coaxing this time - firefighter, doctor, etc) firefighter, mom is a doctor
What do you think of mom?  krista!
what is your favorite animal? baby cows
What do you think of mummi? she's nice
What do yo think of ginger?  she's mean.  she tore apart my sandwich
he also ate all of my trail mix i bought and seemed pretty happy about that: 
the next morning we got ready to get to the airport and packed all of our stuff in jaana's car.  after a quick bite at in-n-out, we got there and got through security and then found out that our flight was delayed not just a little bit but 3 hours!  the kids did pretty good staying entertained, but we were all pretty anxious to get onto the airplane!  our schedule that we had planned out (especially jaana for stevie) was totally messed up.  we got to the hotel WAY later than expected and were pretty exhausted after the day was over.  plus us getting all of our bags to the airport was pretty ridiculous.  we were so happy to drop that luggage off!  we were totally "those people"
@ jaana's
@ the airport
we ended up sleeping in a little more than we had planned and jaana was going to help our cousin take the wedding pictures so we had to get another quick bite - this time at chik-fil-a (yum!) and went to the temple to watch the couple walk out and get all those pictures taken.  mom and the kids and i went back to the hotel to let the kids eat and nap and such before the rest of them got back.  we only had a moment before we had to head to dinner - which, of course, we were fashionably late to.  leave it to us!

@ the St. Louis Temple
after dinner we decided it was time for a swim and a shower.  after the shower we decided to have a little mishap.  jorel slipped getting out of the tub and sliced his chin open.  of course at first i thought it was SO bad, but it stopped bleeding pretty quickly so by the time i got back from the lobby with the band-aid it looked better.   but, man, it made me nervous for a moment. as soon as the ban-aid got on he was okay, but wouldn't move his chin.  we had a couple of crying kids that night and it was kind of chaotic for a moment, but its pretty funny looking back on it.  i didn't get a picture of it right then, but i did get one the next couple of days.  
so that next morning we decided to get out and see some things in st. louis since we had a little bit of time before our 4 hour drive to joplin.  we started out with breakfast at this super yummy super cute place called My Daddy's Cheesecake Bakery and Cafe.  after that we went to the zoo to ride the "shoe train."  admission to the zoo was free, but it cost 12 dollars to park and 5 dollars a person to ride the train.  it was all worth it and i think more zoos should do it this way.  we didn't have time for anything else and only saw the top of a tiger's head but the kids seemed to enjoy it. 
@ the cafe                                                                           @ the zoo
after the zoo we went to the arch.  this really is a magnificent piece of architecture.  but we were grateful when we got down underneath it in the air conditioning and were able to get a drink!  we didn't have enough time to ride up to the top (bummer!) but it is a pretty cool place.  the arch was designed by a Finnish man so its really part of our heritage :).  st. louis is really cool because as you drive around and look at all of the different places, you really do see some of the history of it.
@ the arch
we had to get our of st. louis in order to make it to my cousin's reception (late again!) and ended up changing on the way and i was driving so i changed in the car when i got there!  it was pretty entertaining.  but we made it!  we didn't get to see the tornado damage like we wanted to, but drove through some of it and it really is devastating. jorel enjoyed hanging out with his cousin luke and he danced it up on the dance floor.  he also was giving everyone hugs that he thought were hard enough to make everyone cough.  so if you didn't he got mad.  what a goof.
@ the reception
we spent that night and most of the next day visiting with family and celebrating my grandpa's 94th birthday.  he is pretty amazing.  my sister got some great pictures of the day and some 4th generation photos.  jorel ran around with grandpa rick and luke all day.  i'm pretty sure that he wore them out.  i ended up getting really bad allergies so i was walking around with tissue all day :(.  i didn't get any pictures that day but my mom got a couple (notice jorel's half smile because of his chin!  haha):
@ aunt diana's house
after the festivities we really weren't ready to leave all the family but it was time for us to get back to st. louis so we could catch our flight in the morning.  we got to the hotel really late, but we were ready to crash.  in the morning we got ready for the airport and weren't thinking and forgot to fill the rental up with gas!  ugh.  luckily budget reimbursed us some because that was a really expensive rental and that's not including the free car seat!  blah.  we got back to jaana's and she went to the adele condert (jealous!) and i ended up sleeping my little sickness away.
@ the hotel and on the airplane
back @ jaana's (mom took this one too) 
the next day mom and i drove back and then it was back to work.  but it was such a great trip.  i'd do it again!

Monday, August 8, 2011

the help

i wanted to finish the help before the movie came out, and so i did!  it was such a good book.  this one is rated high on my list.  i haven't read that fast in a long time.  can't wait for the movie!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


not much to say about these pictures except jorel got new goggles....

he also has continued to be a little nudist and the other day wanted to dress up with this cowboy and pirate outfits a.k.a hats... made for a few good pictures...
 we have also spent a couple of days at the ever so popular hurricane splash pads, he stayed on the yellow spinning thing pretty much the whole time we were there on day, so that's all i have a picture of...

ginger has also been a good dog lately since my mom has been home and let her out of her kennel more.  she is still crazy, but not as much as an attention hog? okay, she still is...

i had some time alone while my parents took jorel on vacation with them.  so my friend trina and i did some fun stuff for my birthday.  massages, pedicures, the pool, dinner with her hubby and james and attempted movie, but had to leave before we finished it.  it was a great day.  *we did all of this on saturday because my birthday was on sunday but yeah, no pictures...

i've also tried using those sally hansen real nail polish strips, you know, the ones with the patterns on them?  i am a fan.  for the most part.  they do last longer, and i can't paint those patterns on by myself!  but the clean up is pretty messy.  but they are kind of cool and the best of all is there is no dry time.  this argyle one is my favorite so far.... also i've had a pack of bubble tape around lately.  my friend said, "typical baseball fan" haha.  :)  what can i say, i am one...

last but not least, jorel has recently fallen in love with the slip'n'slide.  after he let me cut his hair, i let him go at it.  at first he tried to jump and and go, but he eventually got the hang of it.  i even joined the fun.  he would sing a little song before he went some times.  it was pretty comical, this kid.  and i tell you, skip the store bought and just get some of that plastic you use as a cover up when you're painting or something, goes way faster and doesn't hurt nearly as bad...

and seriously, check this kid out!  why is he getting so big?!?!?!
and that pretty much wraps up July.  where is this time going?!

Zion National Park

i don't get to go to zion or places like this very often because i'm not keen on hiking by myself.  so i found a friend, james, some day in july to go with, and his kids.  we "hiked" the river walk and the kids seemed to have a good time.  jorel had a kid from day care recently pass away in the river - what is with all of these deaths lately :( - and he was saying how he was scared to fall in the river.  i felt bad for him, but when we got down to the river, he played in it a little bit.  he was nervous a lot of the way so i tried to explain to him that if he stayed on the trail he would be okay.  he kept wanting me to hold him, but he made it pretty good.  it just broke my heart.  we had lunch after and took a look around the gift shop, because the boys wanted to.  (i was out numberd on this trip 5 to 1).  jorel actually got warn out for once.  it was a nice day, not too blasted hot but man, oh man, were there a lot of people in zion that day!  and that is why you shouldn't go to zion on a saturday during the summer....