Wednesday, July 29, 2009


so i've had a few people tell me that i look like hilary swank, and it seems like i'm getting that a lot lately, maybe because the 3 UPS guys that have come to drop off boxes at work have all asked me in the last couple months... silly! so, you think?

i'll be your stand-in hilary... :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

some week happenings

wednesday trina invited me to go to the lady antebellum concert @ the dixie sunbowl. we brought our kids and jorel actually seemed to really enjoy it! he stood up a lot of the time clapping and attempting to sing along...thursday i went over to jena's to watch kamdyn while she cut her hair... jorel is OBSESSED with playing the drums so he pretty much did that the whole couple of hours we were there and kam was a peach of courseand friday was my big day - my 25th birthday, i can now rent a car without paying an underage fee! haha, anyway. i got the day off work since it is a utah holiday - pioneer day - so i didn't even get dressed until about 1. lazy i know. we had homemade tacos for dinner - yummy! they are so good. enjoyed some ice cream cake - that's what jorel was so excited about. then mom, markus, jorel, and i went to the st. george road runner's baseball game which was pretty fun. jorel danced the whole time and was just being so cute enjoying the game. after the game they did a fireworks show which put our local ones under the table! they were actually pretty dang good! good job baseball :) they were pretty loud though, so jorel only enjoyed them if i had my hands over his ears haha, so cute! but now as jorel would say "boom boom all gone." good day :)

stop and smell the roses...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

cause i felt like it

Saturday, July 18, 2009

good times - and lots of pictures!

this last week has been really fun. although my aunt and uncle, Leena and Ossi, left last tuesday, my cousin and his fiance, Antti and Miia, stayed and played. they leave on monday :( but its been a fun month for them to be here. last week we went hiking in a little place that no one can know about... jk but it was beautiful! hiking through cold water - it takes your breath away at times - and falling off of waterfalls... i'm such a klutz!! i have 4 injuries from the hike - two pretty good size bruises, a pull in my shoulder and a good size scrape on my shin. i'm not as graceful as i used to be... hence falling off the rope ladder and into the waterfall... sunday we went over to my step-sister's house grubbed on her home made - cafe rio style food, i think its better than the real thing, and swam in her little pool. jorel is starting to get a lot more comfortable in the water so its been fun. not that he doesn't like it, but he is still unsure and holds on tight while giggling up a storm. some other family - the germans - were driving back to queen creek, az and stopped by to eat on the way home, so i made sure to grab a pic of the whole gang. jorel has been super funny lately, or as usual, and just growing up so fast. i knew he would but sometimes you just look at him and think, holy cow - you just got bigger. also everything now is "cool" as it is his new word! trina and i have taken our boys to the pool a couple of times and thursday was one of them. we also hit up the proposal that evening for some girl time out and we both thought the movie was pretty cute. yesterday tyler was nice enough to take my cousins, markus, derek, jena, and i up to his cabin to do some four wheeling. it was the perfect evening to do it, so nice up at zion ponderosa, we even got a little chilled when the fire went out! and even though the fire exploded and burned a whole through me cousin's shorts, they seemed to have a really good time on their first four wheeling experience. here are some pictures to show some of our adventures... oh but i can't forget to mention that driving back through zion from the cabin a little coyote crossed in front of us and no one in our car had ever seen one except derek - so we said it was a blog moment haha... we also saw a buck and a doe out when we were following the trails.
hiking the falls

jorel's nightly jog - he was jealous to not go hiking i guess

the family
jorel's battle with a pickle (still num num though)

his usual sleeping position - kam must take after him jena :)

loving the dog before we left


four wheeling and jolly's gulch
more wienies and s'mores of course!

oh and jaana, this pic is just for you!