Monday, December 31, 2012

december and 366 photos a day

well, there you have it.  a photo a day for a year (366 because it was a leap year)!  i would say you can now unhide me from facebook, but i'll probably still be posting a lot of pictures... :)  
also, there was no theme again for this month.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas two?!

christmas this year was a little different.  christmas eve we had swami come and visit again (like during thanksgiving) and bring the kids some more gifts.  i thought it would be kind of fun to start a little polar express "train" ride that night in their new christmas pajamas and hat and gloves and go around and look at christmas lights.  well, it was a little late and the kids didn't make it very far so it was kind of a dud.  but anyway.  the next morning mike, jake, and odalis all came over to open presents with us that already live here (mom, ron, markus, jorel and i, in case you didn't know?).  we didn't do a christmas dinner, but instead just finger foods for the day.  mike, jorel and i went to get his kids that afternoon to go to grandma lori's for their presents over there and spend the afternoon and evening there with some of mike's family.  my mr "never gets sick" boyfriend was feeling pretty crappy that day, so i tried to keep the kids entertained with their new toys.  it was a pretty good day overall.  i really enjoyed the holidays this year, even though my sister and her family weren't here :).
our polar express dud... 
christmas morning tree after santa came
christmas morning 
odalis's cool creation
christmas tree at the legg's
someone got caught, twice! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

quick trip

mike's sister had surgery over the weekend (she had a shunt put into her head to help drain spinal fluid - don't ask me details, because i don't really know), and he decided he wanted to go up and surprise her.  we were going to just go up for friday night come back saturday, but the hospital took a little longer than suspected, so his aunt was so kind to let us stay another night.  i also convinced mike to go to city creek  for a few minutes... and we walked around the temple for a minute too.  there were just so many people!  i mean, i knew there would be, but geez... i did happen to snap a quick picture though

Saturday, December 1, 2012

month 11

oh november.  my theme this month was... drum roll please... what i'm grateful for!  surprised?  i didn't think so.