Monday, November 26, 2012

two thanksgivings?

i believe this is the first time in my [adult] life or childhood, maybe, that i went to two thanksgivings... that i can remember.  my family always eats on saturday to make it easier to accommodate those that are traveling and things... anyway, i ate with my boyfriends family on thursday and the rest of the weekend with my family. of course i didn't get any pictures while my sister was around except for with my iPhone...  
anyway, i always love this time of year.  yeah for the holidays!

mike's family - he failed to mention that his mom asked if i could take a picture of them... thanks hun.  was not ready so this is what they got.  

my sister was so awesome to take some pictures of mike and i and our kids.  here's one of the gems, don't we look great together?!  thanks sis!  you seriously rock!

Monday, November 19, 2012

watching ball

normally, i'd be playing softball, but we didn't have a team for the coed weekend tournament, but mike was able to play on a team called die trying with a few of our friends.  he's probably going to be a permanent player - if his body can handle it :)  jk.  kind of.  anyway.  they were a fun team to watch.  made some new friends and had a good time in mesquite.  thanks to my mom and ron for watching jorel for me!  and hopefully the rest of you can move better today than mike can ;)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

year 5

wow.... i have a 5 year old.  it really is crazy.  he is getting so smart.  we didn't celebrate his birthday until later because of all of the things we have going on lately.  i've been pretty busy.  really his birthday was going to disneyland, but i did want to give him some cake and ice cream.  he also got a few gifts from family and friends - including his grandma and grandpa in indiana - thank you!  and my aunt and uncle in finland - leena and ossi - thank you too!  also thanks to aunt deni and uncle bart and their kids for being there and for the play dough.  anyway.  good times for this kid - and i'm excited to see what 5 has to offer phew!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

looks a little halloweeny...

this halloween was spent at my sister's again.  deni is always great to have us over for these kind of things and jorel just loves his cousins... and their hot wheels... this year he was harry potter and mike's kids got to join us for our jont around the village.  jorel didn't even get mad this time when people asked if he was harry potter.  this time he really was (except for in the morning when he was angry and just wasn't harry potter yet).