Monday, July 8, 2013

trip for the 4th

independence day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  i was thrown a little off this time around because i was overly emotional.  i was able to get out of town - which was great and got to spend time with my sister and her little family which made it all pretty fun.  my sister and i got on our best 4th outfits (bandanas and all!) and hit the town.  kind of.  something about my sister and her friends is that they are all so hospitable.  we spend the 4th day at a bbq at her and her husband's friends house and they were just the nicest people.  even though i was down in the dumps - lame, i know - their friends were so welcoming and jorel had a great time, too.  we also hit up the fireworks just a block away from my sister's later that night.  we went to the l.a zoo while we were there.  jorel was actually into it this time so that was pretty fun.  we also hit up the griffith park train - one both stephen and jorel enjoyed a lot!  my sister is the greatest and she has the best husband and kid ever.  :)  thanks sissy for being the coolest!

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